Proposed Zoning Ordinances

  1. Proposed Recreation Zone
  2. Recreation Zone Committee

Jerome County is proposing to add new Recreation Zones to the Jerome County Zoning Ordinance (JCZO). The addition of the zones will add a new Chapter, Chapter 9, to the JCZO to regulate the zones. Additionally, public and private properties are being proposed to be rezoned on the County Zoning Map. 

Chapter 9, Recreation Zones

Map of Proposed Recreation Zones

The online survey for the Recreation Zones is closed. If you would like to provide comment, please feel free to email us at planning& You may also pick up a paper copy of the survey from our office during normal business hours. 

The addition of the zones will affect the following Chapters of the JCZO:

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 5, Charts

Chapter 6

Chapter 8

Chapter 13

Chapter 14